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Live Out Of The United States And Want To Work Here? Why You Should Hire An Immigration Lawyer

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If you currently live outside of the country but would like to move to the United States, the process of doing so can be very confusing. For this reason, you should hire an immigration lawyer who can help you through the entire process so you can become a citizen and be able to work here. Below are two ways you will find an immigration lawyer beneficial.

Help You Determine If You Need an L1 Visa or J1 Waiver

If your employer wants you to move to the United States to work temporarily, you must have an appropriate visa or other type of documentation that states your legal reason for coming to the United States, such as to work.

An L1 work visa allows a person to temporarily work for an organization or affiliated company as an employee. The visa will state that you can stay here for a set number of years, such as two years. After this time, you will have to return to your country or apply for another visa.

If you would like to work in the United States permanently, a duel intent visa can be used. This is an L1 visa that allows the visa holder, as well as any dependents they may have, to apply to be a permanent resident of the United States.

If you do not have an employer that wants you to work for them in the United States, you may qualify for a j1 waiver visa. You can go through exchange programs that help foreigners to come to the United States through a work program. You have to get approved to participate in the work exchange program before you can qualify for the J1 waiver.

Help You with Paperwork

You will have to fill out a lot of lengthy paperwork if you want to work in the United States. This paperwork must be filled out correctly because if it is not you will be denied. This paperwork is very complicated and extensive and without the help of a lawyer you will likely make a lot of mistakes.

The immigration lawyer will walk you through each page of the paperwork so you can understand what you are filling out and signing. When you are finished, the lawyer will go over the paperwork very closely to be sure everything is filled out correctly. They can then file the paperwork to the court for you to get the process started.

Your immigration lawyer can go over this information with you in much more detail, as well as tell you other ways they can help you. For more information, you will want to contact a legal office, such as The Messersmith Law Firm, P.C.