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Getting A Spousal Visa Approved: How A Lawyer Can Assist

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Do you want to relocate your foreign spouse to the United States? You will find that getting a spousal visa approved is easier to do if you hire an immigration lawyer to assist with the process. Find out in this article what you should know about relocating a foreign spouse to the United States with assistance from a lawyer.

What Happens During the Initial Consultation About a Spousal Visa?

The main thing that an immigration lawyer will discuss during the initial consultation is the relation between you and your foreign spouse. He or she will ask a lot of personal questions that you must answer as truthful as you can. For instance, he or she will want to know how you and your spouse met. You will also be asked if you have met your spouse's parents or other close family members. The lawyer will also need to know if your spouse has ever visited the United States before.

The purpose of the questions is to determine if your marriage is legitimate, as a spousal visa is difficult to obtain if fraud is expected (such as a scam so a foreigner can move to the United States).

How Can an Immigration Lawyer Prove That a Marriage is Legitimate?

If you and your spouse rarely see each other due to distance, the lawyer will need evidence that includes phone records and emails that were exchanged between you and your spouse. You may also be asked for any photographs that you may have that shows you interacting with the friends and relatives of your spouse. Proof that you have traveled to visit your spouse should be provided as well, such as a copy of your stamped passport and flight itineraries. If there are any bank accounts or rental agreements shared with your spouse, the lawyer will need documents that prove it. The lawyer will then assist you with answering the questions on the spousal visa application to make sure that there is a good chance of approval.

What Does an Immigration Lawyer Charge?

What you are charged by an immigration lawyer will depend on the extent of help that you need with the spousal visa. The initial consultation is estimated to cost at least $75 plus. If you are charged by the hour, be prepared to pay a rate of up to $300. Speak to an immigration lawyer as soon as you can to get the spousal visa application process started!